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Shopify: Buy At Amazon

Buy At Amazon

Developed by JOTOF

  • Set any link, not only with Amazon
  • Batch set links by Excel table
  • Custom button text and style

Service created by JOTOF

—- > Click here to see the demo

If you are working on both Shopify and Amazon, you can add a Buy At Amazon button to your Shopify store, so that customers can easily jump to your Amazon products to pay.

If your Shopify site is only used for brand display, you can choose to hide the store shopping cart, so that customers can only go to your Amazon to buy.

You can add keywords to achieve similar Super Url effect.



  • Set any link, not only with Amazon
  • Batch set links by Excel table
  • Custom button text and style
  • Can hide the add to cart button
  • Can add the key word after the link to improve the effectiveness of the Amazon rankings

JOTOF is the rising Shopify app and theme development company bases in China, JOTOF continues to offer the best apps for the Shopify platform. Different with those focus on technology, JOTOF focuses much on merchants’ business strategies. Say how to sell and ranking well on Amazon, How to promote product sells with easy user interactive.

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