TM3G Shopify APP Development | Anker Like Country Selection Dialog and Anker Like Country Redirection
Anker Like Country Based Redirection, Allows Shopify Merchants add rules to redirect users to another site, as well as show dialog like anker.
Anker Alike, Country Dialog, Country Based Redirection
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Anker-like series: Country Based Location Redirection

Country-based Location Redirection

Developed by JOTOF

  • An Anker-like site choose dialog
  • Easy to block and redirect user from specific country
  • Customize the look and feel of the dialog

Recent Updates


Remove border, adapt to the mobile terminal style


Fix white empty flag Bug


Fix Free Trial Bug

Fix Count Rules Bug


Thanks for using Country base location redirection app.

Country based location redirection app allows you define rules to redirect users from specific location to another site with/without interaction(dialog).

It can be used in below scenarios:

  • Anker like country choose site(If you familiar with Anker)
  • Restrict users from china(or any specific country) to another location/li>
  • Easily to define rules(enabled/disabled)


Rules sample:

say you have 2 websites,,, hope to get to is to redirect people from a list of countries except US, Canada and Australia automatically and for Australia I want the system to show popup suggesting to select another site.

For your case, it shall be very simple, as example install app create 4 rules:

  • Yes, United States(Main site), No,
  • Yes, Canada, No,
  • Yes, Australia, No,
  • Yes, Any other country, Yes,

Save and apply rules to shop. as example, install app create 3 rules:

  • Yes, Australia(Main site), No,
  • Yes, Canada, No,
  • Yes, United State, No,

(as it is .au site, thus no need add rule for “any other country”

Save and apply rules to shop



For popup dialog, you can customize its logo, border color as well as welcome text.

For more options, please consider send requests, then we can arrange.


Installation Link

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Free Trial

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