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China Payments allow you merchants integrate china payment gateways in minutes with affordable price with: Alipay Global, Alipay China, Weixin Pay/Wechat Pay, Union Pay/Credit Card
Alipay for Shopify,Wechat pay for Shopify,Union Pay for Shopify
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Shopify: Alipay Payments

Alipay Global

Developed by JOTOF

  • The most popular payments in China, more than 600 million customers
  • Let your customers do not need credit cards and PayPal easy to complete the payment
  • Detailed transaction history

—- > Click here to see it in action on a live demo sites

This App is designed just for solving the payment problem. After the installation, your shop will support China’s most popular payment method – Alipay.

Alipay is the service from Alibaba and now there are already more than 600 million registered users and it accounts for 68% in China’s payment market, which is the payment method that must be supported to develop the market in China.


We mainly provide solutions for the use of Shopify in mainland China and we have solved many problems in recent years for many customers who use Shopify and want to do business in China.

Almost all of them complain that clients

Although the purchasing power of Chinese clients has been known around the world, but these three serious problems cause that at least 80% of the store owners gives up the market in China which is the world’s best market.

We are glad to have accumulated the most effective solution to solve these problems in the past few years.We will look forward to communicating with you if you want to develop the market in China.



Q : This App is Alipay China or Alipay Global?

A : This App is Alipay Global. Alipay China will comeing soon.

Q : What is difference between Alipay China and Alipay Global?

A : Alipay China: Customer pays RMB, Merchants get RMB.

Alipay Global: Customer pays RMB, Merchants get USD etc.(Supports 12 Currencies:USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, AUD, SGD, CHF, SEK, DKK, NOK, HKD).

Q : How to obtain an alipay global account?

A : Visit Alipay Global website and register your account. you will need to input your email address and then verify it, setup your login password and pay password. You will need to prepare alipay parnter ID and KEY(which will need to input into China-payment system later)


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