TM3G Shopify APP Development | Become TM3G Shopify Partners
Become TM3G Shopify Partners and get referrals from each customer bring to Shopify as well as TM3G
Shopify Partners, TM3G Shopify Partners
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Become TM3G Shopify Partners

Paid On Time

After setup your Paypal account. TM3G will calculate the revenue on the 1st and send payments out on the 16th of each month. You’ll receive a payment each month when you’re owed $50 or more.

Earn what you've done

Partner dashboard shows detailed breakdowns of how much partner were making from each referral, which apps partners’ customer likes most, how much partner had earned, how much partner payouts are going to be, and more.

Help Selling Apps

TM3G understand that partner may have already installed some of our apps for their clients, and we will give cash back on. Every apps partner refers to their customer , they will get 10% of the recurring revenue of every app installed with our referral program.

Customer Statisfaction

TM3G apps created to help Shopify stores owners grow their sales. Stores' customers will feel strong branding on it, and merchants will get a new revenue stream as our way of saying thanks for helping us out.

Partners' Own Projects

There are chances partner has project on hand and they are not be able to take on a custom design or development project for one of their clients, then partner can refer them to us and we’ll give you up to 10 - 20% cash back of the total project costs depends on projects.

Keep Growing With TM3G

TM3G working with partners, deal with requirements with partners, earn with partners, share the revenue with partners, As TM3G do believe everyone earn in this eco system, the marketing size will keep growing.

Working with us

Install TM3G apps for Customer

If you are a web designer or developer with customers using Shopify, there’s a good chance you’ve installed some of our apps. We’d like to reward you for that.

Contact us for our Partner program and you’ll get a cut from every one of our apps that you install. It’s that simple and straightforward.

Need a hand on working with projects?

There are more and more design and development work out there for web shops of all sizes. If partner find that need a hand on working with a large client’s requirement, TM3G like to help partner out and give partner a kickback for your referral.

Project out of scope?

TM3G totally understand the necessity of focusing on the area partner familiar with. Thus, TM3G will be a good potential partner for designer/developer/blog/marker etc. TM3G provides hosted project with each partner to get working done well and on time.