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Anker Like Country Based Redirection Shopify App

Thanks for visiting Country base location redirection app help page.

Country based location redirection app allows you define rules to redirect users to another site with/without prompt.

It can be used in below scenarios:

  • Anker like country choose site
  • Restrict users from china to visit site
  • Pre-defined rules to manage users from each country

Rules sample:

Say, you would like to redirect all china users to site 1,  others keeps on site 2 and site 2 is mainly for US customers, then you can define 3 rules:

China -> Auto Redirect -> Site1

United States -> No Auto Redirect -> Main Site -> Site2

All other sites -> No Auto Redirect -> Site2

After done, you can Click Apply to Shop button to make it works.


For popup dialog, you can customize its logo, border color as well as welcome text.

For more options, please consider send requests, then we can arrange.

App Information